Thursday, March 27, 2008

What You Need To Know About Ludlow VT Tax Rebates

Congress’ recent $170 billion economic stimulus plan is centered around new tax rebates; unfortunately, the details of the plan are foggy at best, leaving Ludlow VT real estate owners and taxpayers with questions about the rebates and how they will benefit. The details are still being worked out by the Treasury Department and the IRS, but here are some facts that have been made available:

- To be eligible for a full rebate, single tax filers must have 2007 adjusted gross income (AGI) below $75,000. These filers will get rebates up to $600.
- Joint filers must have AGI below $150,000 and are eligible to receive rebates of up to $1,200.
- Parents will receive $300 rebates per dependent child and there is no cap on the maximum number of children eligible.
- Filers who do not owe income taxes because of various credits and deductions but who do have at least $3,000 in income (can include Social Security or disability payments) will get $300 rebates per person or $600 per couple.
- The rebate is a one-time tax cut – an advance on a credit you’ll receive on your 2008 return.

If you make the IRS deadline and file your taxes by April 15, you can expect to receive a rebate check in the mail sometime between May and July.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Bumpy Streets of Ludlow VT

What do potholes, mud season, and black flies have in common? They are all “indigenous to Vermont,” jokes Ludlow Municipal Manager Frank Heald. Along with the blessing of our snowy white winters comes the inevitable result of less-than-smooth roadways.

This article from the Rutland Herald is a half-serious look at the trials and tribulations we all face as we navigate the [sometimes bumpy] streets of Ludlow every day, and addresses what is being done to help relieve the problems. Check it out and let us know what you think is the most infamous road hazard in Ludlow!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Land Loan Financing

United Country Mortgage is now offering Land Loan financing for qualified applicants. Click here to find out more.
Let me help you find the right property, then call the United Country Financing team to secure your mortgage.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ludlow VT Real Estate Update

Attention, potential residential or vacation home buyers! is reporting that now is the best time since 2004 to purchase a home.

The research and statistics compiled in
this article show that, overall, prices are dropping across the nation as interest rates remain low.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Add Some Green To Your Ludlow VT Home

It seems like everywhere we turn these days, products and services we use every day are “going green.” With so many ways available now to help the environment, it may be overwhelming to figure out how exactly you as a homeowner can make changes. This article from details five ways homeowners can add “green” upgrades to their home, saving money and increasing their homes’ values at the same time. Below is the list of suggestions, check out the article for full descriptions of each item:

- Washers that save energy and water
- Toilets that conserve water
- No-VOC paints
- Smart thermostat applications
- Low-flow faucets and showerheads

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Truth about Second Home Buyers in Today's Real Estate Market.

This article is presented with permission and written by Denise Lones, M.I.R.M., CSP

Journalists are still riding the bandwagon of fear, reporting that second home purchases are going to be no more. Just last week, I heard a pundit advising people to keep their money in their primary residence because of the “impending recession”.

This is ridiculous. Nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, investing in a second home is—and will continue to be—a smart buying decision for many homeowners.

We live in the wealthiest country in the world. Second home buyers are not going anywhere. While the media hems and haws about all the unfortunate people who are in hard times, they completely ignore the fact that there are others who still have lots of money to invest. And what better investment than real estate—even if it’s not your primary residence?

I’m even going so far as to make a radical prediction:

Second home purchases will rise in the next five years.

That’s right—rise! Not diminish.

Here’s why:

1. As people age, they experience an increased need to have more quality of life and time away from home.

People love to get away. If they have the money, why not? They want a lifestyle change—the ability to go to a “home away from home”. Whether it’s a cottage in the mountains or a seaside shanty, there’s nothing like having a secondary place to escape to.

2. People have money and they want to invest it.

Traditionally, real estate is more stable than the stock market. This makes it a much more attractive investment for anyone skittish about putting their hard-earned money in the hands of Wall Street sharks.

In addition, the recent and dramatic drops in the Dow Jones have stirred up many valid fears among investors. For that very reason, real estate will continue to be the safer investment—guaranteeing that second-home buyers are here to stay.

Tell your clients about what’s going on. Don’t hold back. Crunch the numbers for them so that they see the incredible value of a second home.

3. People love to own real estate.

The very idea of being a “real estate investor” is enough to make some people purchase a property. Having that label is a sign of prestige, and raises people’s perception of themselves.

Whether or not you find this type of vanity attractive or repulsive, forget about how you think. Again, think like they think. It’s an undeniable fact that such people exist. They love nothing better than to go to cocktail parties and parade their wealth in front of others—describing their properties in detail.

Rather than despising these people for their snobbery—which many of us fall into the habit of doing—learn to love them for their ability to supercharge your business. With just a handful of wealthy investors as clients, a real estate agent can make a fortune.

4. Second-home communities are creating rental income possibilities for investors.

Many developers of second-home communities know that by including certain services, investors will take advantage of the additional income they may receive. Services such as having a concierge on duty 24/7. Or rental pools that encourage owners to rent during the off-season.

Developers have known for a long time that there is a huge market of second-home investors out there. By installing such services from the get-go, they maximize the potential of their community to attract them.

They know people will rent when they’re not there. Why pretend they’re not going to? Now, they encourage them instead. It’s a win-win for both the developer and the investor.

5. Having the ability to purchase a second home is an attractive trait to lenders.

Remember that second-home buyers have a solid track record being the owner of a first home. If a mortgage is all paid for and the buyer is looking to invest in a second one, then chances are this is a good client for the lender. It’s just plain easier to find financing if you already own a home.

Add in possible rental income and lenders become even more enthusiastic.

Side note: I know many of you reading this are struggling with mortgage payments of your own and can’t imagine buying a second home, especially in the current economic climate.

But in order to function best as a real estate agent, think outside of yourself. Think like an investor with a lot of capital. Where would you rather put your money—in volatile stocks or in a second home that you know will appreciate in value over the next 20 years?

As a real estate agent, what an opportunity it is to educate your wealthy clients about the value (and joy!) of investing in a second home rather than a Wall Street portfolio that has a higher chance of going bust.

Don’t listen to the media. Don’t listen to conventional wisdom. Don’t listen to people in financial trouble.

Second-home buyers are here to stay. Find them. Educate them. Help them make more money. When you do, you’ll see your own bank account grow.

Thank you Denise for allowing me to use the article


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